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Exploring the Earths Four Spheres

The area near the surface of the earth can be divided into four interconnected spheres: lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere. Think of them as four interconnected parts that make up a complete system, in this case, of life on earth. Environmental scientists  use this system to classify and study the organic and inorganic materials found on the planet. The Lithosphere The lithosphere, sometimes called the geosphere, refers to all of the rocks of the earth. It includes the planets mantle and crust, the two outermost layers. The boulders of Mount Everest, the sand of Miami Beach and the lava erupting from Hawaiis Mount  Kilauea  are all components of the lithosphere. The actual thickness of the lithosphere varies considerably and can range from roughly 40 km to 280 km. The lithosphere ends at the point when the minerals in the earths crust begin to demonstrate viscous and fluid behaviors. The exact depth at which this happens depends on the chemical composition of the earth, and the heat and pressure acting upon the material. The lithosphere is divided into 15 tectonic plates that fit together around the earth like a jagged puzzle:  African, Antarctic,  Arabian, Australian, Caribbean, Cocos,  Eurasian,  Indian, Juan de Fuca, Nazca, North American,  Pacific,  Philippine, Scotia, and South American. These plates arent fixed; theyre slowly moving. The friction created when these tectonic plates push against one another causes earthquakes, volcanoes and the formation of mountains and ocean trenches. The Hydrosphere The hydrosphere is composed of all of the water on or near the planets  surface. This includes oceans, rivers, and lakes, as well as underground aquifers and the moisture in the atmosphere. Scientists estimate the total amount at more than 1,300 million cubic feet. More than 97 percent of the earths water is found in its oceans. The remainder is freshwater, two-thirds of which is frozen within the earths polar regions and mountain snowpacks. Its interesting to note that even though water covers the majority of the planets surface, water accounts for a mere 0.023 percent of the earths total mass.   The planets water doesnt exist in a static environment, it changes form as it moves through the hydrological cycle. It falls to the earth in the form of rain, seeps into underground aquifers, rises to the surface from springs or seeps from porous rock, and flows from small streams into larger rivers that empty into lakes, seas, and oceans, where some of it evaporates into the atmosphere to begin the cycle anew.   The Biosphere The biosphere is composed of all living organisms: plants, animals and one-celled organisms alike. Most of the planets terrestrial life is found in a zone that stretches from 3 meters below ground to 30 meters above it. In the oceans and seas, most aquatic life inhabits a zone that stretches from the surface to about 200 meters below. But some creatures can live far outside of these ranges: some birds are known to fly as high as 8 kilometers above the earth, while some fish have been found as deep as 8 kilometers beneath the ocean surface. Microorganisms are known to survive well beyond even these ranges. The biosphere is made up of biomes, which are areas where plants and animals of a similar nature can be found together. A desert, with its cactus, sand, and lizards, is one example of a biome. A coral reef is another. The Atmosphere The atmosphere is the body of gasses that surrounds our planet, held in place by earths gravity. Most of our atmosphere is located close to the earths surface where it is most dense. The air of our planet is 79 percent nitrogen and just under 21 percent oxygen; the small amount remaining is composed of argon, carbon dioxide, and other trace gasses. The atmosphere itself rises to about 10,000 km in height and is divided into four zones. The troposphere, where about three-quarters of all atmospheric mass can be found, stretches from about 6 km above the earths surface to 20 km. Beyond this lies the stratosphere, which rises to 50 km above the planet. Next comes the mesosphere, which extends to about 85 km above the earths surface. The thermosphere rises to about 690 km above the earth, then finally the exosphere. Beyond the exosphere lies outer space. Conclusion All four spheres can be and often are present in a single location. For example, a piece of soil will contain minerals from the lithosphere. Additionally, there will be elements of the hydrosphere present as moisture within the soil, the biosphere as insects and plants, and even the atmosphere as pockets of air between soil pieces. The complete system is what makes up life as we know it on Earth.

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Speech Analysis National Rifle Association Annual Meeting

Speech Analysis Assignment National Rifles Association Annual Meeting In the video I watched the National Rifles Association (NRA) President Jim Porter addresses the crowd at the April 11th 2015 NRA Members’ meeting, in Nashville, Tennessee. Porter was elected as first vice president of the NRA Board of Directors. He had previously served as second vice president and president of the NRA Foundation Board of Trustees. As the outgoing NRA President, Porter discusses his pride in the organization and its members. And he promises that, together, they ll make the difference in 2016. At the beginning of the video the audience members were standing up while applauding and Porter was wiping tears from his eyes with a handkerchief. Porter†¦show more content†¦After the attention-grabbing opening, there is only a small window of time in which to convince the audience that you have something useful to say. Mr. Porter named his topic, explained how the topic relates to his listeners and reminds them of their stake in the matter. He appealed to his audience on a personal level captures their attention and is if a high of concern. The audience as I stated previously are all part of the same organization. â€Å"You supported the NRA and your local pro-gun candidates. You donated your hard-earned money, sacrificed your personal time and you — and millions and millions of gun owners just like you — went to the polls last fall and won a big victory for freedom†. According to â€Å"A Speaker’s Guidebook† the visual channel includes a speaker’s physical actions and appearances facial expression, gestures, general body movement, physical appearance dress and object held. Nonverbal communication clarifies the meaning of verbal messages, facilitates feedback from the audience, and establishes a relationship between the speaker and the audience. These nonverbal visual elements have been called the silent language (271–272). You always want to look at least as good as the audience and practically always better. That shows respect and gives you authority. Failure to do so may be taken as a lack of respect for your audience. Your visual impact is a big part of how you come across Mr. Porter dress in a solid dark colored business suit

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UNC Conboy Free Essays

An International trade theory, grounded In the work of Adam Smith and David Richard, that focuses on the Importance of comparative advantage obtained through differences in natural or acquired economic advantages is referred to as: a. Classical trade theory b. Factor proportion theory c. We will write a custom essay sample on UNC Conboy or any similar topic only for you Order Now Product life cycle theory d. Competitive advantage theory 2. Paul German’s â€Å"realist† perspective embraces which of the following conclusions: a. Countries compete with each other much like companies compete with each other ND must therefore engage in similar strategic behaviors b. Government intervention in the market Is often essential due to imperfections that allow for the formation of monopolies and oligopolies In lucrative Industry segments c. Economic growth In one country must come at the expense of economic growth in another, therefore countries must protect domestic Industry in many instances d. Market imperfections due in fact exist, but the prospects for improving the situation through strategic trade policy is overstated by those in favor of government intervention 3. Cluster theory suggests that companies obtain resources as a result of geographic proximity to other related and supportive Industries primarily as a result of: a. Information spillovers b. Lower shipping costs c. Region specific subsidies d. Access to a common labor pools 4. A theory of Internationalization, observed In the wine Industry In the assigned readings, that focuses on the development of relationships between producers, suppliers, competitors, and government to obtain information and resources necessary to complete globally is referred to as: a. Pascal model b. Network model . Innovation model d. Leverage model 5. Michael Porters Diamond Model focuses on all of the following, EXCEPT: a. The Importance of International competition to drive technological Innovation b. C. Sophisticated domestic demand that encourages new product and service development d. The presence of related and supportive industries in the domestic market 6. Mercantilism refers to policies and practices designed to: a. Encourage international trade through the creation of innovative products and services b. Remove regulatory and economic barriers to international competition c. Create a trade surplus by subsidizing domestic firms and limiting foreign competition d. Discourage all international trade to promote national independence and self- sufficiency 7. An international trade theory, grounded in the work of Wassail Limonite, that focuses on trade cycles emerging from production initially by a parent company, then by a foreign subsidiary, and ultimately by foreign competitors is referred to as: a. Classical trade theory d. Competitive advantage theory 8. Advocates of Porter’s Diamond Model believe governments should support mommies industries by engaging in which of the following activities: a. Subordination of industries of national importance to improve their competitive position b. Imposition of barriers to prevent foreign competitors from entering domestic markets c. Provision of supportive public infrastructure and education needed to support emerging industries d. The government should play no role in supporting or developing domestic industries 9. Cluster theory focuses primarily on the creation of competitive advantage through: a. Ongoing investment in research and development to encourage innovation b. Intense price competition designed to bring down the cost of products and services c. Transportation costs associated with bringing goods and services to market d. Interactions between geographic concentrations of interconnected companies 10. The case study of wine clusters indicates that firms in this industry located in both Brazil and France have effectively leveraged which of the following cluster resources to facilitate the internationalization process: a. Affordable input costs b. Regional reputation and culture c. Manufacturing expertise d. Labor spillovers How to cite UNC Conboy, Papers

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Indian Pharma Industry free essay sample

Every industry has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages under which they challenges the industry faces are: * Regulatory obstacles * Lack of proper infrastructure * Lack of qualified professionals * Expensive research equipments * Lack of academic collaboration * Underdeveloped molecular discovery program Government Initiatives: The government of India has undertaken several including policy initiatives and tax breaks for the growth of the pharmaceutical business in India. Some of the measures adopted are: * Pharmaceutical units are eligible for weighted tax reduction at 150% or the research and development expenditure obtained. Two new schemes namely, New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative and the Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Research Program have been launched by the Government. * The Government is contemplating the creation of SRV or special purpose vehicles with an insurance cover to be used for funding new drug research. * The Department of Pharmaceuticals i s mulling the creation of drug research facilities which can be used by private companies for research work on rent. We will write a custom essay sample on Indian Pharma Industry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Pharma Export: In the recent years, despite the slowdown witnessed in the global economy, exports rom the pharmaceutical industry in India have shown good buoyancy in growth. Export has become an important driving force for growth in this industry with more than 50 % revenue coming from the overseas markets. For the financial year 2008-09 the export of drugs is estimated to be $8. 25 billion as per the Pharmaceutical Export Council of India, which is an organization, set up by the Government of India. A survey undertaken by FICCI, the oldest industry chamber in India has predicted 16% growth in the export of Indias pharmaceutical growth during 2009-2010. Corporate Social Responsibility-Meaning: In the 1990s, when one spoke of Corporate Social Responsibility, it was very quickly concluded to be donations. It was understood to be a philanthropic gesture which the organizations undertook as their responsibility towards the society. In this context, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR or Corporate Citizenship had different implications for different companies. For some companies, CSR could largely mean compliance and altruism. Many others would observe it as a more strategic framework that took into account a companys relationships and overall impact on the society. Companies also have a way of practicing CSR internally within he organization for their employees and associates. In the twenty first century, however, companies have been generating innovative ideas and methods to incorporate social responsibility in congruence with organizational goals. To implement these social goals, the companies are partnering with the government and the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). With increased competitiveness in the private sector, it is critical for an organization to leverage its social activities in order to gain a competitive advantage. The increased credibility and goodwill earned from the customers and associates is an invaluable ntangible asset for the organization. An example is of the pharmaceutical industry, where it becomes imperative to either collaborate with NGOs or with the government affordable prices. This sector has strict price controls and regulations by the government. Therefore, only by partnering with the government, hospitals and the society can the company introduce drugs at affordable prices for distributive Justice. The conception of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is inimitably coupled to a countrys identity in which it primarily operates and therefore, the resulting policies nd programs of CSR are inherently tied to the distinct social, political and economic systems in which the company operates. Key Players in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: There are several national and international pharmaceutical companies that operate in India. Most of the countrys requirements for pharmaceutical products are met by these companies. Some of them are briefly described below: Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited: The Ranbaxy is a pharmaceutical company which was incorporated in 1961 in India. Its a public sector company. Ranbaxy Research Foundation was established in 1985. Production start-up at the modern APIs plant at Toansa in Punjab, make the countrys largest manufacture of antibiotics. This plant gets US FDA approval in 1988. Ranbaxy was granted its first US patent, for Doxycyline. Ranbaxy enters in to an agreement with ELL LILIY Coof USA for setting up Joint venture in India. Company enters into an agreement to set up a Joint venture in china in 1993. Ranbaxy enucleates mission to become a Research based International Company. The new Research Center at Gurgaon. The company established Regional Headquarters in UK and US. Acquisition of Ohm Laboratories, a manufacturing facility in US. Inaugurations of FDA approved, state-of the new manufacturing wings, at Ranbaxys US subsidiary Ohm laboratories. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd crosses a sales turnover of Rs10000 million, with its export reaching an all time high of Rs 5000 million in 1997. In 1998 Ranbaxy enters USA, worlds largest pharmaceuticals, with product under its own name.

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Adelaide Coast (geography) essays

Adelaide Coast (geography) essays Describe and explain the variation of coastal type and of landform along a particular coastline. The length of the particular coastline you choose may be as little as two or three kilometres or as much as several hundred kilometres. The Adelaide metropolitan coastline stretches around 30 kilometres, from Seacliff in the south to Outer Harbor in the North. Whilst the southern end of the coast has notable erosional landforms such as cliffs, wave-cut platforms and shingle beaches, the vast majority of the coastline is depositional. This essay will focus on the depositional sandy beaches and dune systems found along the Adelaide coastline. Much of the Adelaide coastline is made up of wide sandy beaches. Beaches are formed when sand is brought on to the beach by waves. This occurs particularly in the summer months when waves are constructional, as seen in diagram 1. The profile of the beach changes due to tidal and waves variation. In winter, as seen in diagram 2, waves are deconstructional, and the beach profile is lowered, resulting in the formation of a berm. Off shore sandbars develop, and the sand returns to the beach again in summer. Sand is carried on to the beach by waves and along the beach by the movement of longshore drift. Longshore drift carries the sand along the shore in the direction of prevailing wind and is responsible for the build up of sand behind natural features such as headlands, and man-made features such as breakwaters. In diagram 3, the action of longshore drift is shown at Glenelg. Sand is picked up by the waves and moves along the beach in a zig zag motion. The breakwater interrupts the drift and sand is deposited, resulting in a wide sandy beach south of the breakwater, and a spit forming at the end, with North Glenelg being badly starved of sand. The same build up of sand south of the breakwater, and shortage of sand to the north occurs at Outer Harbor. This is because of Adelaides prevailing s ...

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Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) for Students

Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) for Students Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA) is any form of assessment based on the curriculum that a child is mastering. Most CBAs comes directly from the textbook, in the form of tests- often in the form of chapter tests. Other CBAs can be taken from online resources. This is especially true for online worksheet resources. The following are especially helpful. The Math Work Sheet Site The basic worksheet generator for this site is free, although it provides a variety of useful formats in its members section. You can choose to generate worksheets by the format (horizontal or vertical) the number of digits, whole numbers, the range of numbers use. It offers each of the basic operations, mixed problems, fractions, measurement, graphing and telling time. The worksheets have large numerals that are well spaced for the large digits made by most students in special education. Edhelper is a member only site, although access is provided to some items. The reading selections are not well adapted for children with reading disabilities: the text is often too close together for these readers, and the content is not particularly well written. My preference is always Reading A-Z, another member only site with excellent reading resources.Edhelpers math resources are excellent, especially for functional math skills such as money counting, fractions, and telling time. It provides several ways to show evidence of competence in each skill area. Money Instructor Money Instructor has both paid and member-only options. Many of the free options provide realistic (color) money for counting. These are excellent resources for children who have difficulty with generalization, such as children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Reading A-Z Reading A-Z is an excellent resource for special education teachers. It breaks reading levels into discrete levels from a-z for pre-primer through grade 6 readers. One of the advantages is that there is a great deal of non-fiction, which makes these lower level reading books age appropriate for older but very disabled readers. Not exactly the same as the Fountas and Pinnell levels, the website provides conversion charts which can be helpful if you are writing IEP goals with grade level goals (say, John will read at grade level 2.4 with 94% accuracy.)The website provides books in the PDF format that you can download and print in multiples. Each level provides benchmark books with pre-printed running record forms with the text from the books with places to check off the sort of errors for miscue analysis. Each benchmark also comes with a comprehension question, with different levels of questions geared to Blooms Taxonomy. Scholastic Bookwizard Finding leveled reading material for running records or miscue analysis can be a challenge. Scholastic offers a way to level the books they publish, either by grade level or guided reading level (Fountas and Pinnell.) Fountas and Pinnell also provide resources for leveling books but require a paid membership. Scholastic publishes some of the most popular childrens titles. Knowing grade level means that a teacher can select 100 word plus passages from authentic texts to use for running records and miscue analysis. Special Education Some publishers offer adapted assessments for special education students, or the special educator can adapt the assessment him or herself. Some text-based assessments can be read and scribed, especially if those accommodations are part of the students Specially Designed Instruction. Social studies tests are a good example: these are tests of a students social studies knowledge, not reading ability. The curriculum materials may be adapted to the students ability or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals. For example, fourth-grade children are mastering long division, but children with disabilities in the same classroom may be mastering single digit divisors into two or three digit dividends. Curriculum-based assessment is just one of the ways to collect data to meet IEP goals. The above websites provide a lot of useful resources for the special educator.

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Ethnic Groups and Multiracial Identity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethnic Groups and Multiracial Identity - Essay Example Racial stereotyping and crime in the society is partly attributed to the poverty levels in the society among people from a particular race. The Senator should address the issue of education and in particular the low enrollment levels and high drop out rates from school by children from particular races. The ability to attain good jobs can only be related to the ability to secure good education and training hence members of the African American community have been segregated in employment due to lack of enough education. High unemployment rates among the youth are the leading causes of crime like drug peddling and violent robberies hence the Senator should ensure youth receive property education. The Senator should also increase the rehabilitation facilities for drug patients and the correctional facilities for petty offenders. Lack of counseling and support services have increased the crime levels in the neighborhood. The Senator should work towards racial integration by establishing cultural centers and community centers where each racial group can celebrate and preserve their unique culture and traditions. The Senator should consider increasing the welfare benefits to the poor citizens. The Senator should consider the issue of taxation where he can advocate for reduction in the tax rates for the people whose income is not adequate for housing and other basic needs. The Senator should increase the housing provision facilities. Question 3 people of power: law, Supreme Court and congress Dr Friedman asserts that people lobby and assert pressure on their government for many social changes. He continues by saying the legal justice system is the product of people demand. The society shapes the legal framework and must live within the framework. The legal system reflects the power structure and authority in the society. He believes that the wealth and power influence the making and execution of the laws where big corporations and rich people run the country. He beli eves the middle class can be powerful but its keeps being divided and fragmented. He believes the minorities and civil rights are protected by the law but our ideals affect the policies which we pursue. Laws are made by legislatures enacted through popular vote and rulings are given by the Supreme Court hence want counts are the strength of the pillars holding the systems. The Supreme Court was established by Article 3 of the US constitution which did not explain the clear duties and powers of the Court. American Constitution denied African Americans citizenship. In 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1866 gave all citizens equal rights and ended slavery. Citizenships were granted to Non-white Americas in 1868 where no State was required to make laws that deprive any person of life, property without due law process being followed. African Americans were granted the right to vote in 1870 but on criteria that they could read the Constitution provisions fluently with out any error. In 1854, the Supreme Court in the case of Scott V. Sandford, ruled that Dred Scott was still a slave despite having lived in â€Å"free states† for several years hence he was the property of the owner. In the same case, Justice Taney ruled that Scott had no the capacity to bring the case to court since he was not a U.S citizen. The most historic Supreme Court ruling on race was delivered by Justice Thurgood Marshall who was the first